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 Auto Insurance is For You and Everyone Else, Too

Auto Insurance is For You and Everyone Else, Too

 Auto Insurance is For You and Everyone Else, Too

People often wonder do they really need car insurance when they start driving and the answer is yes. Sometimes you will start talking to an older person who will say that they have been driving for years and feel like they pay more for insurance now than they did ten years ago. They are probably right and the reason for the raised rates is due to their age and the historical statistics that show as they get older the higher the accident rates climb for the senior citizens. It is the same with teenagers and this is due to the lack of driving experience.

This is not the only reason that you should carry car insurance though. You carry it to protect you and someone else on the road for the unexpected. You try to protect yourself against an unexpected civil suit. You protect the other person if they are hurt in an accident. You have the auto insurance so that hospital bills will be paid and the medical coverage can be taken care of instead of you carrying that type of debt for a very long time. You carry auto insurance in case you ruin someone's personal property. You carry auto insurance because it is the right thing to do.

There are some states out there that are considered a no fault state meaning if you get into an accident you are on your own. They have no insurance coverage and may pay the Department of Motor Vehicles a fine annually because they do not carry car insurance. Some people do not have auto insurance because they say they cannot afford it. This may be true but it is a risk and very expensive if you are supposed to have it and get caught without it. Elderly people may not carry as much insurance as they should because being on a fixed income does not afford them the luxury of carrying the auto insurance they would like to have on their vehicle.

So, when you ask yourself if auto insurance is for you then answer should always be yes it is and it is for everyone else too.

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