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Auto Insurance Benefits and Deductibles

Auto Insurance Benefits and Deductibles

 Auto Insurance Benefits and Deductibles

They always say if you get dealt a hand full of lemons then make lemonade. Well, you could say when debris flies through the air and land on your windshield call your insurance agent. Check your policy and see if you have the coverage they will provide you free windshield replacement. If you do, then call and have it replaced and move on thanking the auto insurance policy you decided on.

A lot of people do not think of this as an added benefit but when you live around the city or places that have constant construction then you will find this added coverage very convenient and important. I cannot think of anything more disappointing or annoying than having a car or truck throw a stone at your windshield and crack it. Of course, if this does happen then try and get a license plate number so you can provide it to your insurance claims representative. Soon enough you are watching it spread across to the other side. When it comes time to replace it because you know you have to it is not cheap and can run anywhere from $250-$350 dollars.

If you do not have the additional coverage on your auto insurance policy than that is money not easily come by for a lot of people. When you do have it on your auto insurance policy then you are relieved and know that you can call and have it replaced or repaired when you get back home to schedule the appointment. Keep this in mind when you look for your free online rates. See the various benefits that are offered with the different packages. Other things you can check for are the difference in prices of the packages when it comes to deductibles.

When you go after low deductibles, meaning you want to pay less to the car repair shop and the auto insurance company to pay more if you have an accident than premiums for your policy are normally higher. If you go for the higher deductible, it means you are willing to take more of the risk and your premiums are lower. If you are able to bank your deductible and keep it in the bank then it may be worth doing this to get a lower premium.

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